Led solutions

LED Area light

Our brand new LED Area Light is a high efficiency luminaire which boasts an impressive light output from 10,000 to 24,000 Lumens (Subject to variant).

Certified for use in Zone 1, 21, 2, 22 and also suitable for industrial applications this is a modern and versatile luminaire. The high quality corrosion resistant aluminium body gives excellent durability in offshore environments, and the LED light engine provides a long service life which is virtually maintenance free.

Low maintenance high efficiency LED light source
High quality corrosion resistant aluminium alloy body
Durable construction
Virtually maintenance free
Steel swivel mounting bracket
Long service life

Certification and Approval Certification Code: II 2 G D Ex eb mb op is IIC T4 Gb Protection: IP 66 / IP 67

9 series LED Ex ed luminaire

High efficiency LED luminaire suitable for zone 1 hazardous area applications in both standard and emergency formats and a range of sizes from 2-5ft with light output up to 10,000 Lumens.

Low maintenance high efficiency LED light source
Standard and emergency variants
Class leading light output
Variable mounting centres
2’ 4’ and 5’ versions
Captive diffuser for safe installation and maintenance
Anodised corrosion resistant aluminium body with high impact polycarbonate diffuser

Certification and Approval Certification Code: Ex eb mb op is IIC Gb T4 Protection: IP 65

7 Series Ex d LED Luminaire

Zone 1 and Zone 2 LED Luminaire for use in hazardous areas. Low maintenance, high output LED light source and energy efficient control with motion sensor options for controlling single and multiple fittings.

Certification and Approval Certification Code: Ex d 11 2G 11B/11C T6 Protection: IP66

Portable Luminaire LED

The Petrel PLX range of portable LED light fittings is designed for use in a wide variety of Hazardous area applications.

Manufactured solely in the UK to provide users with a tough, reliable solution whilst remaining light enough to be carried around on site with ease. The range utilises the very latest in solid state technology to deliver a high level of warm, bright light from an LED light source that is extremely robust and durable.

ATEX and IECEx certified for use in Zone 1 & 2, 21 & 22
Robust, durable construction
Strong, lightweight design for ease of use
Standard and emergency
Virtually maintenance free
Compact version available
Industrial version available

Certification and Approval Certification Code: Ex eb mb op is IIC T4 Gb. Protection: IP 66

XN LED Luminaire

The XN LED is a ExnA certified linear light fitting for use in Zone 2 gas and dust areas. It is designed to provide a high light output using the very latest LED technology and is available in a variety of sizes.