Traditional Technology Market Update


Traditional Technology Market Update

Petrel have been at the forefront in developing new LED lighting technologies for hazardous areas as the industry moves forward to more efficient lighting solutions.

As part of this development strategy, we have introduced a number of LED area flood products ranging from 85 watt up to 150w to replace traditional sodium, mercury and metal halide low & high bay solutions.

These products offer a market leading light output in excess of 150lm per watt. They also offer huge energy savings over traditional lighting solutions.

As the traditional technology market continues to decline, Petrel continue to lead the industry in new technology development and will be introducing a number of new LED products throughout 2018 and beyond including an new and updated range of Zone 1 & 2 Bulkhead products.

Due to the decline of traditional technology components such as ballast units and castings we wish to advise that the following products have now become obsolete.

  • DN/DB Bulkhead Range.

Updates on the development of the new range of LED Bulkhead products and further details on the full range of Petrel LED lighting solutions can be found on our website or by contacting the sales office.

Or by telephone on 0121 783 7161.