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Hazardous areas

Hazardous areas are defined in DSEAR (The Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations of 2002) as "any place in which an explosive atmosphere may occur in quantities such as to require special precautions to protect the safety of workers".


Hazardous areas are classified into zones Click here for more information on categories and zones based on duration and frequency of an explosive gas atmosphere.

Equipment sold in the EU which is to be used in hazardous areas is goverened by The Atex Directive and must have applicable Atex certificates Click here for more information on Atex. Certain other countries accept the IECEx standard, which is derived from similar principles.


There are established engineering concepts recognised by the IEC for the design of electrical equipment for hazardous area applications. These engineering concepts Click here for more information on protection concepts are the basis of protection against the risk of fire or explosion from gas or dust.


There are also a number of important classification for hazardous areas. Click the links below to find out more.


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