Ingress protection

In addition to protection against the risk of explosion or ignition, luminaires for use in hazardous areas will also need to provide adequate protection against the ingress of solids or liquids. The degree of classification is denoted by the IP classification system.

  • A two digit number is used to identify the degree of protection.
  • The first digit of the code denotes protection against dust and solid objects           
  • The second digit denotes protection against water
IP0X No special protectionIPX0 No special protection
IPIX Objects ≥50mm diameter (e.g. part of a hand)IPX1 Vertically dripping water
IP2X Objects ≥12.5mm diameter (e.g. finger)
IPX2 Vertically dripping water when enclosure tilted by 1S°
IP3X Objects ≥2.5mm diameter (e.g. tool)IPX3 Sprayed water up to 600mm from vertical
IP4X Objects ≥1.00mm diameter (e.g. wire)IPX4 Sprayed water from all directions
IP5X Dust protectionIPX5 Water jets
IP6X Dust tightIPX6 Powerful water jets
IPX7 Temporary submersion to a depth of 1m (for half an hour)
IPX8 Extended submersion to a depth ≥1m
Where time and pressure are stated

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