Hire Services

Our Market leading Portable and Temporary Lighting Solutions are now available to hire.

• Choose from a wide range of robust ATEX and Industrial lighting including the market leading PLX portable, plus high-performance floodlighting and rechargeable battery-operated units.

• Splitter boxes and transformers are also available, together with extension cables fitted with plugs and sockets of your choice.

Petrel Hire Services

Temporary and portable lighting for hire, designed and manufactured in the UK by Petrel Ltd

We have a range of product specifications including:

    • 110v/230v Portable Lights in both standard and emergency formats

    • Compact portable Lights
    • Low voltage Portable Lights available on request
    • Transportable Floodlights with light outputs from 4,500 to 12,5000 lumens
    • Zone 1/21, 2/22 and Safe area solutions across the range
    • Zone 0 compact Battery powered Floodlight
    • Splitter and Transformer boxes
    • Extension Cables with options for CEAG, ATX, Stahl and Marechal plugs and sockets

    Short and long-term hire periods available

    Flexible solutions available to meet your specific requirements

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    Stage 1

    The journey will begin with our design team making contact with the end user and or the installing contractor, to ascertain the outline of the proposed project.

    Stage 2

    The next stage involves collating all of the required information in order to commence the lighting design process. This should include a site visit, acquisition of detailed layout drawings and details on required light levels.

    Stage 3

    This process is carried out by our own in house design experts who have many years’ experience in designing lighting schemes for both hazardous and industrial areas. The very latest Relux software is used to produce accurate and dynamic renderings of the project.

    Stage 4

    Once the design has been completed, it can be demonstrated to the client in full 3D rendering to ensure that the end user sees exactly what the finished installation will provide in terms of light output and lux levels.

    Stage 5

    During the final stage, our engineers will continue to be on hand throughout the duration of the project to advise on fitting positions, and assist with any design alterations during the installation. We will arrange delivery of the products to site on time, and ensure that the project runs as smoothly as possible. We will also provide the end user with all relevant documentation to support their operation & maintenance manuals.


    Lighting Products

    Petrel Limited, a division of Chamberlin plc, manufactures lighting products for use in harsh and hazardous areas. Our products offer a simple yet robust design philosophy to ensure that customers can choose the Petrel brand with confidence whatever the application.
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    About Us

    Our aim is a simple one-to provide safe, reliable quality products, designed for the rigours of hazardous area applications, be that an offshore environment or a simple workshop inspection pit. At the forefront of our design philosophy is how to make it easy for the customer to use Petrel products.
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