Petrel in Partnership with CTTC UK. A UK based CompEx training provider.

We are delighted to announce that Petrel have been chosen to be the partner of choice to CTTC UK to supply lighting products to assist the business in its CompEx approved Hazardous Area Training courses.

CTTC Compex training provider

CTTC UK is a training company which specialises in providing a wide variety of Electrical, Instrument and Health & Safety related training courses.

As an ad-on to their training courses, they also provide Engineering consultancy services to a variety of clients, so the trainers who deliver your course, have a variety of skills to make your course much more than the usual ‘tick the box’ course and can provide a variety of specialist skills to assist you.

Petrel will be supplying all lighting products to CTTC UK to enable theory and practical training on installation and inspection on hazardous area installations as well as providing technical support in terms of Atex certificates and specification charts.

More information about CTTC UK and Petrel can be found on the web at. and

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