Spares and accessories

Clip-in Conduit fittings

A range of conduit fittings allowing extremely quick assembly of conduit runs termination and “T’s” etc. These conduit fittings are pushed onto the conduit and the need for threading is eliminated. A range of adaptors is also available for transition from conventional fittings to the rapid knock on” coupler system as it is referred to sometimes. Labour time is reduced dramatically giving a superb installed cost benefit.

5500-BATT Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery for 5580 Series

Nightstick by Petrel by Petrel

The 5500-BATT is a spare/replacement Lithium-ion battery for the 5580 Series Intrinsically Safe Dual-Light™ Lantern.

Just like all Lithium-ion batteries, this unit has no recharge memory effect meaning it can be charged a little or a lot with no impact on the life of the battery. Petrel are an approved stockist.

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