Major Steel Production Company.


Major Steel Production Company.

The ongoing benefits of LED lighting in terms of cost of ownership and overall performance were critical factors taken in to consideration when the UK’s largest Steel producing company needed to upgrade their lighting due to regulation changes.

Petrel were asked to provide a detailed solution to the clients requirements of improved lighting efficiency, in terms of energy consumption, lumen performance, ongoing maintenance costs and compliance to Atex directives.

Petrel commenced a detailed survey of the site in conjunction with the client to establish the best possible solution in terms of product and installation method to minimise labour costs and potential disruption to the client’s 24/7 production operation.

The solution was to supply products from our XN LED range which are rated at Zone 2 Ex Na This offered the client full protection and compliance as well as industry leading performance in terms of light output, energy efficiency and quality.

The project was also time critical and Petrel were able to meet the tight and specific delivery criteria to ensure the project was completed during the clients planned shutdown periods that were outside normal working hours.


The client now enjoys vastly improved levels of light with a higher CRI as well as significant energy savings.

The areas concerned are now fully compliant in terms of the lighting installation.

In addition to this, maintenance costs have been vastly reduced as a result of using our XN LED products which have industry leading performance in terms of product life with our driver units and LED arrays rated at 50,000 hours life