Fluorescent lamps ban 2023

AncaVGeneral, LED

Fluorescent lamps/tubes phased out starting September 2023

Ever since the original RoHS directive came into force back in 2006, mercury containing, fluorescent lamps have had their lifespan marked and restricted. Whilst T8 and T5 style lamps have had an extended permit for sale, the legal deadline for being able to put these lamp types on the market has been set.

  • T8 lamps – 1st September 2023
  • T5 lamps – 24th February 2024

Whilst Petrel does not manufacture or sell fluorescent lamps, we have a wide range of luminaires which are designed and certified to use fluorescent lamps.

Petrel has continued to manufacture fluorescent luminaires to support customer requirements, and will continue to do so until component shortages/obsolescence forces us to cease manufacture.

The lighting industry is shifting away from fluorescent technology at a fast pace and this is manifesting itself in terms of component shortages and obsolescence.

As fluorescent tubes become unavailable, Petrel want to ensure customer safety and site certification is maintained and upheld. It is therefore hugely important that LED type “equivalent” ‘tubes’ or ‘lamps’ should NOT be used in place of traditional fluorescent type lamps. These LED “equivalents” are not certified for safe use no matter what the manufacturer, brand, wattage or size.

The solution?

Petrel has LED equivalents for traditional technology luminaires. These are designed using bespoke LED modules and are well established in the market, offering great benefits over traditional technology:

  • Lower Maintenance costs – longer lifespan and elimination of re-lamping and cleaning
  • Lower running costs – less energy required
  • Higher lighting levels – Proven better light levels due to higher luminaire efficiency
  • Reduced CO2 – associated with lowering energy bills.
  • Sustained light output – LEDs work better over a wide temperature range
  • Controls – No warm up needed, so instant-on allows the use of sensors / controls

For more information, please get in touch with us sales@petrel-ex.co.uk or give us a call on 0121 783 7161.